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Free and private camping when you travel https: Otnight cool little cook stove runs off of Heet anti-freeze gas treatment, as well as several other fuels.

When you first head out on the road, the pull of home clings to your wheels - like sorrow at a funeral. The warmth from the dogs that lay across your feet.

The smell of your wife's hair as she snuggles close into your chest. That morning cup of coffee in your favorite chair All these thoughts tug at the back of your mind.

When suddenly, somewhere along the line, the pull of home gives dating in Argentina nh its grip looking for scooter trash tonight vanishing into a shimmering memory in your rearview mirror. Now, there is tonigt the wind at your back, and the unknown adventure the lies ahead Chuck Jines. Live from Silverton Colorado in about 5 minutes https: Got my scooter stuck on the side of a mountain.

What an awesome place to be stuck I'm in Colorado. Live in 3 hours. The topic tonight is going to be why you should do your own Motorcycle Maintenance and repairs.

We will be talking about the Zippo and the Bic, as well as losing ground by Charles Murray YouTube 7pm mountsin time. Normally I just use Champion spark plugs, but I thought I'd give these a try.

I'm NOT a rub I bring dor on my journeys Amazing how many people dont understand packing tools on a motorcycle journey. Daniel Wells Spiceland.

Camp cooking with Heet anti-freeze! Yum, Yum! Receive access to exclusive content by bec An example of free camping for motorcycle Adventureing.

Bertha- Rocky Mountains, Colorado, Live From Silverton, Colorado. Bertha, Silverton, Colorado.

Always check for free camping Traveling roadside coffee, Colorado. Bertha, Tatanka motorcycle tour Durango Colorado.

Y Guys Spanish

On the road Sorry about the bad connection tonight. I'll do another livestream from the road.

Dropped almost three hundred bucks on a new GoPro yesterday. Investment in my YouTube channel.

Just another New Mexico sunset