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    Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black/Silver – A Best Seller In Home And Kitchen!

    Product Description

    • Accurate, elegant, easy-to-use digital kitchen scale for your largest and smallest cooking projects – weighs up to 11.24 lbs (5100 grams) with precise graduations of 0.05 oz (1 gram).
    • Automatic Unit Button instantly converts between 5 units of measurements (g, lbs, lbs:oz, oz, ml) and displays results on an easy-to-read LCD screen – e.g. easily convert 539 grams to 1.188 pounds to 1 pound 3 ounces to 19.01 ounces to 539 ml.
    • Precision Tare Button calculates the net weight of your ingredients by automatically subtracting the weight of any bowl or container.
    • Features a newly enlarged weighing platform finished in elegant chrome, and 2 large buttons that generate an audible click confirmation. Cleans and stores easily.
    • Runs on 2 AAA batteries (trial batteries included, best with Polaroid AAA batteries) that automatically power-off after 2-minutes to preserve battery life, and an easy-access battery compartment (no screwdriver needed).


    Proudly selected by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute for a Harvard Medical School study on the link between weight loss and the prevention of breast cancer, the new Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale by Ozeri is an uncompromising multifunction scale for the kitchen and home. The Pronto is built with the latest generation in sensor technology to ensure an accurate and immediate response for the fast-paced chef, and features a newly enlarged weighing platform – one of the largest in its class, to accommodate larger bowls and food items.

    Elegantly designed with a refined finish, the Pronto also doubles as a postage machine for your mail or a scale for your children’s science projects. The ultimate companion for the serious cook, the Pronto’s large Unit button lets you change the unit of measurement with push-button ease, with 5 different units to choose from (g, lbs, lbs:oz, oz, ml) – e.g. convert (539.8 grams) to (1.19 pounds) to (1 pound 3 ounces) to (19.04 ounces) to (539.8 ml).

    The widescreen LCD displays provides wide viewing angle for the fast moving chef. Manufactured to rigorous quality specifications, the Pronto weighs up to 11.24 pounds (5100 grams) in graduations of just 0.05 ounces (1 gram) to help you achieve your diet and weight goals. The Pronto also features an ever handy Tare button which automatically subtracts the weight of any bowl or container to calculate the net weight of your ingredients.

    The Pronto’s Tare and Unit buttons provide an audible and tactile click confirmation so you never have to push twice when preparing meals in a hurry. The Pronto’s aesthetic design and availability in multiple colors complement any kitchen decor, and it cleans quickly and stores easily.

    The Pronto runs on 2 AAA batteries (included) with an easy-access battery compartment, and 2-minute automatic power-off to preserve battery life. It also ships with a bonus set of batteries, and is guaranteed by Ozeri’s No-Hassle Warranty.



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    Heat Sensitive Egg Timer – Hard Or Soft Boiled Eggs – Color Changing Indicator Tells When Eggs Are Ready Watch Color Change For Soft, Medium, or Hard Boiled Eggs

    Product Description

    • ✔ HEAT SENSITIVE egg timer senses when eggs reach their desired softness or hardness.
    • ✔ Just DROP THE TIMER in a pot of boiling water with real eggs and watch as it turns color.
    • ✔ COLOR CHANGING indicator tells you when your eggs are soft boiled, medium or hard boiled.
    • ✔ EASY TO READ line markers visible all through the cooking process.
    • ✔ PERFECT GIFT for the cook who has everything!

    This amazing kitchen tool will change your Saturday mornings! It is a timer you throw right in the pot with your eggs and it will tell you when your eggs are perfectly soft boiled, medium or hard boiled. The egg timer, which itself is about the size of an egg, uses temperature instead of time to determine whether a boiled egg is soft, medium or hard.

    It absorbs heat exactly as an egg does. Just drop this temperature-sensitive timer in a pot of boiling water with real eggs and watch as it turns color. Although it is called an “egg-timer” it actually senses heat instead of time. No more guessing and experimenting about whether your egg is cooked to point that you want it.

    Clear line markers show when the eggs are ready. Soft boiled, medium, and hard boiled. The sensor inside the timer takes into account the amount of eggs in the pot, the amount of water and even the altitude of your location.

    Directions Of  Use

    ✔ Fill pot with medium temperature tap water about ¾ of the way.

    ✔ Place the egg timer with the other eggs into the pot and place on a medium flame on the stove top.

    ✔Let water come to a boil.

    ✔The egg timer will slowly get white around the edges as it moves to the line that indicates the first stage of “soft boiled”.

    ✔When it does, you can take out all the eggs if you want them to be soft boiled or you can let the eggs continue to cook.

    ✔ The egg timer will continue to turn white until it reaches the line that indicates “Medium boiled”.

    ✔ It will then continue until it becomes all white which indicates that the eggs are now perfectly “hard boiled”.

    ✔When finished, let the egg timer cool on the counter – do not run it under cold water with the rest of the eggs.


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    This Year’s Gift! New Innovative Kitchen Towel Hook – 1 Single Or Set of 2 Self Adhesive Towel Hooks – Premium Chrome Finish & Easy Installation – Fast Shipping

    Firmly Holds Towel without Tearing – Ideal as Bath, Bathroom, Shower or Outdoor Towel Holders

    This outstanding dish towel hook is a big BEST SELLER and a fantastic invention. It is expected to be this year’s most popular gift. No frequent towel slip offs as with a traditional hook and no tearing of your expensive towels due to sharp edges – The towel hooks are easy to use, stay firmly in place and hold your towel with care.

    Product Description

    • INNOVATIVE SMALL KITCHEN TOWEL HOOK – A unique way to hold your towel in place while eliminating the frustration caused by frequent towel Slip offs and tearing up of towel due to sharp or rather poorly designed hooks – so easy to clip on that even babies can use them effortlessly!
    • INSTALLS IN A BREEZE – Install like a pro using the self adhesive tape attached at the back of each Bath towel hook or use the included screws & dowels to fix them – both hold the hook firmly in position & you could choose either method that best meets your requirements!
    • VERSATILE & EASY AS PIE – Use these either to hang tea towels, hand towels, bath towels, wash clothes or anything alike – they firmly hold a towel in place using their silicone jaws & prove too easy to use – simply push the towel in the jaw or pull it out for smooth removal!
    • PREMIUM DESIGN – The chrome plated plastic body comes in an elegant silver metallic finish that only adds to the aesthetic appeal of a place – making these ideal for use as Bathroom Dual Towel Hooks, Shower Towel Hooks, Kitchen Towel Hook or Decorative Towel Hooks.
    • GUARANTEE – With our 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee on this Chrome towel hook set you have got nothing to loose! These come in a SET OF 2 HOOKS & in a decent blister packaging with detailed INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS written at the back, making it ideal for gifting to friends, family or colleagues too.

    Package Includes

    1. 1 / 2-hooks depending on your choice. Comes in single package or set of 2.
    2. 1 / 2 plugs.
    3. 1 / 2 screws in a blister packaging.

    Product Specification

    • Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.6 x 1 inches
    • Item Weight: 0.6 ounces
    • Shipping Weight: 1.4 ounces
    • Manufacturer: RICHYN ® / BERA


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    Microplane 40020 Classic Zester Grater, Stainless Steel Blade – Cheese, Lemon, Ginger And Potato Zester With Plastic Cover, Long Ergonomic Handle With Rubber Base

    Product Description

    • Designed to extract the best flavor from your food
    • High-quality 18/8 stainless steel with grating edges that stay razor sharp
    • Excellent for hard cheeses, onions, citrus fruits,
      ginger and more
    • Blade measures 8-1/2-Inch long; ergonomic black
      plastic handle
    • Dishwasher safe; hand wash cover

    Microplane Classic Original
    Zester Grater

    A Versatile Must-Have Tool For the Kitchen

    Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater Free Shipping - Sold by Get Happy e-Deals

    This tool is normally used to grate citrus for perfect lemon, lime, and orange zests or to create pillowy mounds of Parmesan cheese. However, it is also a great tool for grating spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and even chilies into fresh ground powders.

    If your dish requires fresh grated ginger or garlic, this tool will do that job as well. Customers have let us know that they even use this tool to remove burnt edges from cookies and bread. What will you use it for?

    Used and Supported by Chefs Worldwide

    Microplane is the standard for sharp, efficient grating and zesting in both home and professional kitchens – just ask any chef if they use a Microplane! Dining out anywhere will usually lead to a Microplane sighting.

    I Love My Microplane!

    Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater Free Shipping - Sold by Get Happy e-Deals

    Working for Microplane, everyone comes up to you and tells you a story about how much they love their Microplane! People say:

    “It changed my life”, “I’m such a better cook now – so much more confident” or “I lost weight because I use my Microplane to add flavor without adding fat – just by adding zest.”

    Others say they use less cheese because the feathery grated results give the illusion of more.

    What Makes a Microplane So Sharp?

    Photo-etching and surgical grade stainless steel. Microplane began using this signature technology of photo-etching in the 1990’s. Most of the competition to this day uses stamped or cut metal – because it is cheaper to produce. Photo-etching creates a much finer point, which means your Microplane digs in and performs better.


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    Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups (Set of 2) 4 Different Colors – Pink, Mint Green, Grey And Blue

    The Wine FREEZE is perfect for all wines. Just pop it in the fridge to cool your reds to the perfect cellar temperature or store in the freezer to chill your whites. HOST’s proprietary cooling gel is precisely engineered to keep your beverage perfectly cold for hours.

    Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups, Mint (Set of 2) FREE Shipping - Sold by Get Happy e-Deals

    Product Description

    • For red wine, refrigerate HOST Wine FREEZE Cooling Cups for at least two hours to keep your drink between fifty-eight and sixty degrees Fahrenheit
    • For white wine, freeze HOST Wine FREEZE Cooling Cups for at least two hours to keep your drink between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit
    • Inside the BPA free plastic walls of the HOST Wine FREEZE Cooling Cups lies our proprietary cooling gel.
    • Each glass is constructed with an insulated silicone band for comfortable handling.
    • The set includes two HOST Wine FREEZE Cooling Cups. Each glass can comfortably accommodate 8.5 ounces

    The Secret Is In the Gel

    Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups, Mint (Set of 2) FREE Shipping - Sold by Get Happy e-Deals

    Creating Freeze Drinkware

    Countless hours of experimentation, revision and refinement over the course of three years have resulted in the Freeze cup designs, which mirror classic glassware shapes and capacities while incorporating a double-walled design and proprietary cooling gel blend.

    Made from BPA-free plastic, the cups are shatterproof, and each is lined with an insulated silicone grip band that keeps your hand warm while your drink stays cool.

    Our Proprietary Cooling Gel Blend

    Freeze Drinkware’s proprietary gel blend chills for two hours in a refrigerator (for red wine and darker beers) or freezer (for white, rosé or sparkling wine and lighter beers or ciders) to cool drinks down from room temperature or keep pre-chilled beverages cold for hours.

    Product Specification

    Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.8 inches
    Item Weight: 14.7 ounces
    Manufacturer: HOST
    Item model number: 5165


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